Top Benefits of Indulging In Recreational Activities for Body, Mind and Soul


Recreational activities offer the utmost relaxation to the mind and even soothe your nerves. You can release tension and have a balanced frame of mind. In fact, by doing so, you can get back to your usual works in full form.


It is the fantastic way to reduce stress. If you love to meditate or enjoy gardening, just do it. If you have been too much stressed out in the recent times, it is time to enjoy some mind and body boosting activities.

Recreational activity will have a positive impact on your health. You can say that it is the balm for tired minds and an energy booster for the fatigued ones. No medicine can ever cure the mental ailment as recreational activity.

You can enjoy social benefits as well. By undertaking any activity outdoors, you can meet up with likeminded people and build rapport. People who share common interest are sure to form a fabulous group and promote each other.

If you are feeling dumb, just refresh your senses with an adventurous activity. It will simply refresh your mind to prepare you for the next battle. You will feel light and immensely rejuvenated.

Recreational Activity

Improve Quality

Are you looking to refill your energy? Recreational activity is the best way to refill the energy. You will feel alive again. When you feel drained out or exhausted, it is time to undertake an activity and just chill out.

Recreational activities are the best way to improve the quality of life, boost confidence and level of self-esteem. You will have a positive self-image by taking up the acts.

Recreational Activities for Body

Physical Benefits

It is not only physical benefits you get from the activities but also your mind gets benefited a lot. It sharpens your mental skills such that you feel motivated to try new things. Your brain becomes sharp and you act out easily on any situation.
It offers a lot many health benefits as well. Physical activities strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. You will bring down the chance of diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and stroke.
Recreational activity can also become your favorite past time. You may even develop a career in the avenue.…

Four DIY Projects that Waste More Money, than Save

Are you thinking about doing a DIY project just for fun? Those nifty cute Pinterest pictures do look great but they are not that easy. Watching a tutorial and creating something instead of buying it can cost you more money than you can imagine.

Sure, DIY projects are fun but they tend to get messy fast. Following are four of the worst DIY projects that will do nothing but waste your money.

1- Knitting a Sweater

Knitting is a fun way to occupy your mind or when you are trying to make a Christmas present. However, if you are knitting to make your own clothes, then think again. Those family TV shows make knitting look so easy. Even an experienced knitter takes months to complete a simple jumper. This is something you cannot learn from tutorials.

Cost of Knitting a Sweater

  • Sweet Bamboo Yarn (Nine Balls) — £65
  • One Pair of Needles — £5.99
  • Crochet Hook — £1.79
  • One Pair of Double Pointed Needles — £3.99

Total Cost — £76.77

Cost of Buying a Sweater

  • Muscle Fit Jumper — £15
  • Cotton Cashmere Cardigan — £35
  • Lambswool Sweater — £40

2— Making Candles

Those Beefayre Linden Blossom candles are expensive but if you are thinking you can make them yourself then sadly you are wrong. The supplies involved in candle making are not ones that you have lying around in your house. The price of buying those items is double of buying a scented candle.

DIY Cost of 16oz Candle Jar

  • Soy Wax — £8
  • Dye — £2.5
  • Fragrance — £3
  • Mason Jar — £2.31
  • Wicks — £3

Total Cost — £18.81

Store Candles

  • Yankee Candle — £1.11
  • Village Candles — £4.29
  • Flame Homeware — £4.99

3— EOS Lip Balms

Lip balm is one of those essentials, which every man and woman keeps in their bag. It is a must in summer and winter. Nothing makes a smile better than smooth lips. So, naturally people try making lip balms at home. However, the oils included in lip balms are way more expensive.

DIY Cost of Lip Balm

  • Beeswax — £3.23
  • Shea Butter — £6.99
  • Coconut Oil — £6.98
  • Olive Oil — £4.99
  • Jojoba Oil — £9.95
  • Lip Balm Containers — £3.99

Total Cost — £36.13

Store EOS Lip Balm — £5.99

4— Tree Removal

Watching a tree removal DIY tutorial on YouTube may not be the best thing for you. This is some dangerous work and you can end up injuring yourself. Not only does the process require various tools, it also requires intensive labor. You cannot exactly leave tree branches lying around just because you are tired.

DIY Cost of Tree Removal

  • Electrical Chainsaw — £50
  • Ladder — £54.99
  • Axe — £10.50
  • Wood Chipper — £350

Tree Removal Service — £200

Doing DIY projects at home are fun and people can learn from them a lot. However, the rewards outweigh the risks unless you are a professional.…

Payday Loans – Options for Unemployed People

If a person is low on cash then budgeting can become a difficult task. However, if a person is unemployed, not only can he/she fall into debt, they can empty their savings accounts in a few days. There is plenty of help out there for the unemployed. You just need to find the right place to get it.

Following are different types of payday loans that can help unemployed people to borrow money on flexible terms:

Community Grant

These loans are for people who strive to live in a community. Community grants have no interest rates and do not need to be paid back. A family needs to follow the below requirements to qualify for a community grant:

  • The unemployed person has income support, JSA (Job Seeker’s Allowance). ESA (Support Allowance), Pension Credit or income-related employment
  • The person must not have more than £500 in their savings account

Community loan can be awarded to any one like single mothers, aging residential elders, on behalf of prisoners resettling in society, travel expenses within the UK and more.

1 Hour Loans

1 hour loans are specifically given by the banks in the UK. If a person has come into some unexpected emergency, they can apply online and will get the answer within seconds. If their application is approved, they get the money in an hour. The best part about this loan is that it does not require any credit check. This loan is usually given for bills.

Budgeting Loans

These loans are given to unemployed people who cannot manage their day-to-day living expenses. The best part about this loan is that it does not have any interest on it. However, they need to be repaid. The procedure for qualifying for a budget loan is hard and usually takes days for a person to get approved.

A person needs to follow the below requirements to qualify for a budgeting loan:

  • The unemployed person has income support, JSA (Job Seeker’s Allowance). ESA (Support Allowance), Pension Credit or income-related employment
  • The person can only apply if he/she has been on these benefits for twenty eight days
  • The person or anyone else in the family must not have more than £1,000 in their savings account (If the amount exceeds, the budgeting loan amount will be deducted accordingly)

Budgeting loans are given for:

  • Clothing
  • Household equipment and maintenance
  • Rent
  • Expanses for stating a new job
  • Furniture
  • Travelling expenses
  • Maternity expenses
  • Funeral expenses

Do not apply for maternity and funeral grant through budget loans as the UK gives these loans in a separate category, which do not need to be repaid.

Crisis Loans

These loans are given to people after they are thoroughly researched by the benefit office. Crisis loans can be applied for three times within a year.

Crisis loans are usually given for rent, travel expenses and emergency credit repayment.

An unemployment loan takes time to pass but the benefits are better than taking on a basic payday loan, which can put you in debt if you do not find a job for the next few years.…

Bad Credit Car Loans

Have you filed for bankruptcy? Fallen behind in your credit card payments?  Or are you self-employed? If any of this is true for you, you are a risk to lenders. They will be less likely to accept your application for a car loan and this can pose a problem for you.

However, having bad credit should not jeopardize your need for a car loan. You can still qualify for a bad credit car loan, as there are companies that finance people with bad credit and help them purchase a car. If you acquire one, you can see your credit card score improve, but where should you start? Here are some tips to help you acquire a car loan even with bad credit:

1.      Search for Lenders

Do not call up one lender, but call up as many as you can. Even though most of them will reject giving you a loan, you should not give up trying to find.  Some lenders may see your damaged credit card score in a positive light than others and may qualify you for an auto loan. There are companies that are specifically set-up to provide auto loans to people with bad credit. You can try them as well.

2.      Begin Your Search Close to Your Area

You need to search in your area to find a lender willing to accept your loan application. You need to visit your bank and your credit union. Apply for a loan at the bank first and if they do not give it to you, visit your credit union. Moreover, find out if your insurance company or your employer provides auto financing.

3.      Target Your Search Specially to Car Loan Companies

As mentioned before, some companies cater to a target audience with bad credit. They provide car loans to people who are unable to acquire a loan from their bank or credit union. These sources are known for giving out car loans more than any other type of loans. These include regional banks, local banks, and reputable online lenders.

4.      Choose Lowest Percentage over Shortest Payment Plan

When shopping around for a car loan, you need to look for the lowest percentage over the shortest payment plan. The lenders may advise you to take out a loan extending over a long period, but do not become sidetracked and take it. If the only way you can make the car loan payments is by taking out a loan for a long period, take it.

5.      Do Not Fall for the Yo-Yo Scam

The yo-yo scam occurs when the lender informs the person they need to make more monthly payments or they have increased their down payment after a few weeks or days. Victims of the yo-yo scam tend to pay five points more in interest rates than a person who is not a victim.

You can get a car loan with bad credit, but you will have to conduct extensive research to find the best one.…