Four DIY Projects that Waste More Money, than Save

Are you thinking about doing a DIY project just for fun? Those nifty cute Pinterest pictures do look great but they are not that easy. Watching a tutorial and creating something instead of buying it can cost you more money than you can imagine.

Sure, DIY projects are fun but they tend to get messy fast. Following are four of the worst DIY projects that will do nothing but waste your money.

1- Knitting a Sweater

Knitting is a fun way to occupy your mind or when you are trying to make a Christmas present. However, if you are knitting to make your own clothes, then think again. Those family TV shows make knitting look so easy. Even an experienced knitter takes months to complete a simple jumper. This is something you cannot learn from tutorials.

Cost of Knitting a Sweater

  • Sweet Bamboo Yarn (Nine Balls) — £65
  • One Pair of Needles — £5.99
  • Crochet Hook — £1.79
  • One Pair of Double Pointed Needles — £3.99

Total Cost — £76.77

Cost of Buying a Sweater

  • Muscle Fit Jumper — £15
  • Cotton Cashmere Cardigan — £35
  • Lambswool Sweater — £40

2— Making Candles

Those Beefayre Linden Blossom candles are expensive but if you are thinking you can make them yourself then sadly you are wrong. The supplies involved in candle making are not ones that you have lying around in your house. The price of buying those items is double of buying a scented candle.

DIY Cost of 16oz Candle Jar

  • Soy Wax — £8
  • Dye — £2.5
  • Fragrance — £3
  • Mason Jar — £2.31
  • Wicks — £3

Total Cost — £18.81

Store Candles

  • Yankee Candle — £1.11
  • Village Candles — £4.29
  • Flame Homeware — £4.99

3— EOS Lip Balms

Lip balm is one of those essentials, which every man and woman keeps in their bag. It is a must in summer and winter. Nothing makes a smile better than smooth lips. So, naturally people try making lip balms at home. However, the oils included in lip balms are way more expensive.

DIY Cost of Lip Balm

  • Beeswax — £3.23
  • Shea Butter — £6.99
  • Coconut Oil — £6.98
  • Olive Oil — £4.99
  • Jojoba Oil — £9.95
  • Lip Balm Containers — £3.99

Total Cost — £36.13

Store EOS Lip Balm — £5.99

4— Tree Removal

Watching a tree removal DIY tutorial on YouTube may not be the best thing for you. This is some dangerous work and you can end up injuring yourself. Not only does the process require various tools, it also requires intensive labor. You cannot exactly leave tree branches lying around just because you are tired.

DIY Cost of Tree Removal

  • Electrical Chainsaw — £50
  • Ladder — £54.99
  • Axe — £10.50
  • Wood Chipper — £350

Tree Removal Service — £200

Doing DIY projects at home are fun and people can learn from them a lot. However, the rewards outweigh the risks unless you are a professional.…